My story

My journey began in my early 20’s when I had my first outbreak of facial acne. Although this didn’t last for too long as I somehow found cost effective remedies which cleared up my skin, a different skin revolution occurred when I was 26 (Yes! in my prime! And definitely wrong timing for this kind of drama!). I tried one face caviar brand, which resulted in rash-like bumps on my face and for what seems like ages, I have had to manage breakouts and its residual scarring.

Despite several visits to different dermatologists and skincare clinics, not to mention the chunk of my income spent on facial products and treatments (thousands of $$$), my skin seemed to go through waves of recovery and then back to a different level of unacceptable (by me!).

For readers who can relate to not having to suntan every other day (Hurray! to our Melanin) we are additionally faced with a different challenge of having to deal with pigmentation and scarring.


In my learning process, I did a lot of research in addition to advise from experts and friends who had achieved lasting solutions to varied beauty concerns. And after a while, I decided to incorporate natural remedies to my beauty routines rather than solely rely on expensive brands and topical products.

My desire and personality to constantly learn and develop, have turned me into a specimen whom I hope all my readers can learn from to achieve overall lasting solutions to their sensitive skin concerns. (If it is not tried and tested, I don’t post it!)

I am of the opinion that ‘there is no secret in beauty’. So, thanks to my journey, I hope my blog eases your search for beauty and wellness solutions.

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