Put some food on your skin

Hello beauties

Have you ever heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’? Eating right ‘on the outside’ has its benefits particularly on skin! (Ok, that sounded a bit off but I hope you get my drift); hence why a lot of skincare brands confidently describe their products as ‘skin food’.

There are countless recipes on ‘skin food’ combinations for different concerns. A few examples:

Oatmeal: This fiber-rich food helps calm acne and other skin irritations. It gently exfoliates sensitive skin, brightens, moisturizes and improves skin texture. I particularly like oatmeal with plain yoghurt mask.

Carrot: Helps fade scars and heal acne. Whether you eat or apply, the benefits are obvious in no time. This is indeed a miracle root vegetable! I recently started eating at least two carrot sticks a day. Other times, I juice a mix of carrot and beetroot (yummy).

Yoghurt: Moisturises (hair & skin), acne, blemishes & wrinkle –fighting.

Juicy tip ladies – topical application of plain probiotic yoghurt helps minimize yeast infection in intimate areas.

Avocado: Heart –healthy and nutrient-rich avocado topically fights anti- aging, eases sunburn and gives glowing skin. On hair, it moisturizes, combats frizz, fights dandruff and gives sheen.

Honey: Nature’s antiseptic, fights bacteria and infections.

Use on acne-prone skin and cuts to calm irritations. Honey also moisturizes and gives glowing skin. Best to use organic honey.

Beetroot: Purifies the blood and is popular for its skin enhancing benefits. Topical application helps dry up acne, clear blemishes, moisturize and fight aging.

An added benefit is to tint skin on areas like the lips.

Coffee: Other than keeping you sharp and awake! Topical application of coffee powder helps fight cellulite. As a body scrub, it promotes glowing skin.

Cinnamon: This is an acne- fighting ingredient and antioxidant. It exfoliates skin, fights cellulite and blemishes.

I use cinnamon+ nutmeg+ organic honey facemask and this is a super mask for fighting acne and blemishes. Please remember NOT to scrub too hard while washing off, as it can be quite aggressive.

Nutmeg: Acne fighting and detoxifying.

Water: Taking a dip in saline water helps calm acne. Even nature knows this and has given us the sea freely))). In any case, taking a regular shower makes you feel refreshed and promotes better sleep!

Other foods are: Potatoes for blemish fighting; Lemon for skin brightening & scar fading; Eggs: for skin tightening & brightening; Milk for skin softening, brightening & scar fading; Cucumber to fight dark circles and great as a toner; Tomato for fighting blemish & acne; Papaya: for brightening.

Heard the saying ‘You are what you wear’? In this case, it’s so true!




2 thoughts on “Put some food on your skin

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  1. Dear Yasmin,
    I read your article and saw something that I recently tried on my face inspired by a fresh mask by Lush; Oatmeal and banana mask. Sometimes I really like to make and try new things, so this was a great article for me to read. What do you think about coconut oil or avocado for the face, it doesn’t hurt to try it, does it? I will try it soon, but I am curious what you think about it, do you have any information that is should know of?
    XX Iris

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Iris,
      I also like trying out new products so that makes two of us 🙂 Unrefined coconut oil is really good for the skin. I actually use it in my cleansing regimen to thoroughly remove make up (Be cautious not to leave it on your face for too long before washing off). Avocado oil is said to be a natural sunblock and moisturiser. Although, I personally prefer to eat avocado instead (that’s just me),
      I am curious to hear about your results.



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