Gluten and your Acne

Ciao beauties! Remember when I said I was self experimenting during my holidays? Well, gluten is one of them!

After stumbling upon an article about how gluten is the cause of acne breakouts for some people, I decided to try it out for myself (while on holiday=wrong timing) but I managed.

My goal was to experiment for 30 days, as is recommend for noticeable results in gluten tolerant individuals and about 6 months for gluten intolerant individuals.

In simple terms, gluten-free is ‘wheat- free’. So basically staying away from anything that contains wheat, rye, barley or elements of them.                                                             Thankfully, I could eat everything else! Nevertheless, it was hard for me because I had never had to watch what I ate other than when fasting (even that is never easy).          Imagine me having to ask waiters in restaurants which sauces and desserts were gluten free and not being able to eat just any pasta (My fav!), ice cream and waffle cone (Gosh!).

Before I continue, I honestly & from the bottom of my heart, commend anyone on any diet! Particularly after being able to eat anything prior. It’s no joke!

During my diet coupled with my girlfriend telling me about her recent allergy to foods containing yeast, beef and eggs (things her body had always tolerated until her mid 30’s!), I began to conclude that if most of the foods we eat are no longer purely organic due to modifications in farming practices, then no wonder people are developing allergies to foods they were not allergic to before!

Sadly, I gave up in the third week into my diet, because I could no longer contain missing out on local cuisines (one of my favorite things about holidays, by the way). That being said, I hope to give it another attempt real soon.

For those who are curious and have tried other acne remedies to no avail, going gluten-free  might be your ‘skin-saver’.

The key here is that you have to be 100% gluten- free to see results! Sounds tough? I recommend you try it at home or wherever you can comfortably access gluten free foods and snacks. To Snack lovers, trust me! I could not read the labels in Croatian so I stuck to fruits for snacks (still wasn’t bad though).

For those who would like to take it slow, you can simply start by having a food journal to identify effects of gluten on your body. If you notice any adverse effects (in this case, bumps) , then you might want to consider taking it to the next level.

I really do hope that sharing my little experiment helps someone. I’d be happy to know if & how it worked for you!




2 thoughts on “Gluten and your Acne

Add yours

    1. Dear Iris
      Thanks for reading my post.
      Although I am unable to conclude at this point if going gluten-free worked for me or not,
      I hope to give it another try soon and will definitely keep you updated on my journey.

      Yasmin x


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