Foaming Cleanser or Cleansing Wipes?

Hello beauties, I am thrilled to say that I have been trying out some skincare ‘experiments’ and products on myself during my summer holidays and look forward to sharing them in upcoming posts. A surprising one (to me at least) is a recent observation on daily face cleansing mediums.

Growing up I have always known that washing my face with a foaming wash/bar and water, clears dirt and bacteria to prevent irritations like acne, eczema and the likes. Even more important, is using a separate face cleanser from body cleanser. Yet, I ended up having breakouts! (Pfft!).

While on holiday, I noticed that a couple of my friends never washed their faces with a foaming cleanser! As a matter of fact, they have never done so in their lives! Yet they have clear skin! My reaction… (Wow!).                                                                                            They simply use cleansing wipes to remove makeup and plain water on their faces in the shower! (Yes! You read right!)                                                                                                                    I had to enquire “how come?” and their reply was ‘that was what they knew’.

One of my girls uses one with coconut oil base and the other, one with glycerin + aloe vera + chamomile + citric acid extracts. These girls have no history of acne so it works great for them!

To be honest, I doubt using only wipes for a long period is for me as I have oily, acne-prone skin except on random lazy nights when I can’t be bothered to wash my face. (C’mon, we all have them!).

Nevertheless, if you have dry to normal skin and live in a cold climate like my girlfriends, this might be worth a try (Depending on your wipe of choice). Climate and skin type are very critical elements to trying out this method. In hot climates (like mine), where dirt and sweat cling to your skin at any given opportunity, I would not recommend doing this over using water and a foaming cleanser.

Truth be told, excessive cleansing strips the skin of necessary oils and ‘sends’ a message to the skin to replace these oils, which can sometimes result in over production. So, it is important to give your skin a gentle daily cleanse & moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!      Face wipes do clean the skin but just like foaming washes, they have the tendency to dry out your skin.

I look forward to sharing my personal recommendations on cleansing wipes and foaming cleansers for sensitive skin real soon.

Lastly, this cleansing method is not referring to hormonal acne but topical cleansing management.




2 thoughts on “Foaming Cleanser or Cleansing Wipes?

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  1. Dear yasmin,
    I like this article you wrote, i laughed when I saw that you wrote about the summer holidays.;)
    I think you are right about what you say. That it depends on your skin type and your environment whether you need to clean your skin with soap or other products instead of just with water in the shower.
    I like your blogs and I can use some more of your beauty tips, so keep writing!
    Xx iris


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