Benefits of Exfoliation

So I’ve been thinking about why there is a lot of emphasis and recommendations (traditional and commercial) on skin exfoliation when it relates to clearer, healthier looking skin. I find that this so broad a topic that I cannot do justice to in one post.

Did you know that this practice did not just stem out from nowhere? Did you also know that exfoliation is not meant for the face alone? Research shows that it takes an average of about 30days for human beings to replace the upper layer of skin (epidermis). I know what you’re thinking but Yes! Similar to other animals (like snakes… my first thought), we shed too!

Depending on where the skin is located, thicker skin takes longer to regenerate. Nevertheless, we shed skin cells every minute of every passing day!

Thankfully, skin is washable and repairable to facilitate this process. And whether you choose to exfoliate or not, your skin will not run away from the rest of your body. Sigh of relief? Yet if you do chose to, here are some benefits:

  • Glowing skin– new skin is evident, bright and shiny
  • Improved texture– I use a bath sponge (mild exfoliation) at least once a day when I shower and this has worked wonders on the texture, look and feel of my skin (Trust me on this one!)
  • Helps relieve breakouts & skin irritations – by unclogging pores and cleaning surface dirt. One must be careful with this though, as recommended products and intensity of exfoliation should vary depending on skin sensitivity
  • Prepares skin for product application– skin better absorbs topical products like moisturizers, serums and follow up treatments.
  • Improves metabolism– Using circular motions during exfoliation facilitates blood circulation and in turn boosts metabolism. Yes!
  • Better tan– this is great news for sun lovers! New skin is revealed for a better tan! Even if you spray tan, exfoliating prior gives a smoother finishing.
  • Stress relief – as pores are cleaned out you’ll feel fresh and relaxed. It helps if you think of every beauty regimen you carry out as a mini spa (get my drift?)


With all the benefits, one must still beware of over exfoliation, which can end up drying out your skin, leaving it susceptible to irritation hence, ‘Moisturising is a Must!’ after exfoliation. I recommend natural products like Shea butter, coconut or almond oil for a deep moisturizing effect.

Today, we have the luxury of buying ready-made products coupled with a lot of tutorials so beauties; there is no excuse as to why you do not exfoliate.




4 thoughts on “Benefits of Exfoliation

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  1. Hi Yasmin..
    Yes I agree, exfoliating is a key to beautiful Skin . Love exfoliation whilst my skin is still dry with a brush. I do this 3 times a week before bathtime . Helps to get rid of that dull look that over casts ones Skin..


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