Beauty Basics 101

Everyone appreciates beauty: internal or external. Yet today’s concept of beauty tends to concentrate on our shortcomings and suggest enhancements to place us in a particular stereotype.

In all of this we cannot ignore the fact that ‘beauty’ has evolved from the onset of our existence until now.

In this blog, I will be concentrating on external beauty basics. Personally, regardless of medical and technological advancements in aesthetic medicine, there are basic parts of our bodies that mirror beauty at first glance (Yes! the basics!). These are:






I chose these three because they are major points of observation. So much so that there is currently a lot of emphasis on all natural products which were discovered generations before us and all seeking to take us ‘back to the basics!’ on beauty (and wellness).


The entire human body is covered by skin; therefore, it only makes sense to keep our skin looking clean, clear, radiant, and soft or however a person chooses to enhance the look and feel of their skin.

Make up and fashion trends change but care on the base (skin) on which all of these are applied, has never dwindled.



Ever heard of the saying ‘A woman’s hair is her glory’? I say, no matter the length, color or style you choose, healthy and presentable hair is appealing.

Healthy hair makes a person more attractive and speaks a ton about personality.



Without delving into hygiene, having clean nails makes a person more or less attractive.

The key here is not necessarily getting nails professionally manicured but simply neat and tidy.


Lastly, one equally important beauty basic I must include is ‘teeth’. I reserved this as a bonus point because, prior to recent advancements in dentistry; emphasis on hair, skin and nails have been from time immemorial.



 This is definitely a bonus for our generation! I mean, maintaining clean teeth can be done via various traditional methods but nowadays a person can have a full set of teeth after a few visits to the dentist.

The emphasis in this particular write up is not on general dental hygiene but on dental aesthetics. Reason being that until recently, plain dental hygiene was acceptable but today, the look of a person’s dentition is almost as important as their hygiene.


Do other beauty basics stand out for you?


Leave us your kind comments below.




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